howard & aime jacket & pants (307 x 470)

As many retired firefighters have built their life of service to the community it was diccussed at our Retiree's lucheons that it would be nice to have some sort of dress that would identify us as a retired West Vancouver Firefighter. A light casual jacket was rejected at this time as not suitable for funerals, etc. FD dress uniform (with retired on it) is acceptable with permission of the fire chief."

We agreed on a this "uniform of the day" that would consist of a navy blue blazer with our logo, (the logo with retired will be provided), our light blue uniform shirt, black tie, grey slacks and black shoes. Some of you probably have a  navy blazer but if you don't and interested in getting one like the one's shown, they can be purchased at Walmart under the logo "George" for $50.00.

In an effort to provide our retired brothers (at the time of their demise) with a dignified and respectable presence, the Retired members have decided to organize a Retired Member Funeral Protocol. We are in the process of gathering all the information and regulations that is needed to continue this endeavor. See this web site for further details.