Promotion & Retirements

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Captain Greg Holt became a firefighter with the West Van Fire Dept on Mar 9, 1981 and been with this department his whole career. Promoted to Lieutenant July 1, 2002 and Captain on Sept 1, 2003. Greg retired on Aug 31, 2009 after 28 yrs of service.  

Captain Bill Leas joined the West Vancouver Fire Dept on Sept 20, 1982. Bill was promoted to Lieutenant on Sept 1, 2003 and Captain on April 1, 2006. He retired on Sept 30, 2009


Captain Jim Orr started with the West Vancouver  Fire Dept on Mar 9, 1981. Jim was promoted to Lieutenant May 1, 2002 and Captain Sept 1, 2003. After 27 yrs of service Jim retired on Sept 30, 2008.




On Sept 31, 2009 Assistant Chief Scott Jones a 28 yr veteran of the West Vancouver Fire Dept was promoted to the position of Deputy Chief filling the position of former Deputy Chief Gordon McLennan. Scott had  been promoted to Assistant Chief of Training and Professional Development in 2003. In March of 2009, Scott had been appointed as interim Deputy Chief. We which him all the best in his new position.