Promotion & Retirement

Ken Catlin 84 (660 x 993) Tony Bird 120 (940 x 1415)

Lieutenant Tony Bird began his firefighter career in the London Fire Brigade in 1978 before joining the West Vancouver Fire Service in 1990. Since joining this department Tony has performed several roles including firefighting, instructor and fire inspector/investigator. We wish him well in his new role.

Capt Brolly joined the West Vancouver Fire Service in 1985 and was promoted to the ranks of Lieutenant in 2001 and Capt in 2008. In addition to the role of firefighter, he held the position of Assistant Training Officer instructed and oversaw the delivery of specialized skills training. We also wish him well in his new role.

Captain Ken Catlin became a firefighter with the West Van Fire Dept on July 25, 1978 and been with this department his whole career. Promoted to Lieutenant July 1, 1999 and Captain on July 1, 2002. Ken retired on Dec 31, 2010 after 30 yrs of service.  We wish him well on his retirement.


Promoted to Assistant Chief


hoserule1 (540 x 36) Brolly (294 x 429)