Funeral Protocol2


3) Two Ushers (retired firefighters) wearing blazers, grey slacks etc.

To help public to their seats, assist with signing of the guest book and be of help at the front of the church.




4) We can provide (if required)

     Turn-out Boots with pants folded in the 'ready position.

     Helmet (or use own)

     Turn-out coat (folded)







5) We have a custom made blanket or cloth, to be draped over the

coffin or a table. The blanket is dark blue fabric and bears the

insignias of the West Vancouver Fire & Rescue Service,

International Association of Fire Fighters and a Canada flag.





6) We can also supply  firefighters themed taped music.


Liaison  between Fire Services Chaplain and family.

howard & aime jacket & pants (307 x 470) helmet2 (340 x 298) Memorial banner1 pantboots