Funeral Protocol for Retired West Vancouver FireFighters

Upon learning of the death of a retired member every effort will be made to contact all retiree's by notifying members of funeral times etc. by email or phone.


There is no greater honor that we can give a brother firefighter than a proper send-off. They earned the title the day they joined and they deserve to be honored with it the day they die. Therefore:


A protocol has been established for those retired Fire Fighters (RRF) or their families that wish to use it.


The bereaved family may choose as little or all of the following if they choose to do so. At the present time, the services below are only guaranteed to RRF when the funeral or memorial service is in the metro Vancouver area. Every effort will be made to help those living in other parts of BC.


1) Two (2) retired Honour Guard

To help escort the family to there seats at the beginning and conclusion of the service. To escort the casket and assist pallbearers in their duties.






2) Two (2) West Vancouver FireFighters Honour Guard. (If available)

Quoted from a letter of intent.

"The West Vancouver FireFighters Honour Guard will at the request of the family, and for any retired professional retired member of the Department:

a) Escort the family to their seats at the beginning and the conclusion of the funeral service.

b) "Escort the casket" into the hearse. (Escort means to stand on an inward facing direction facing another member of the guard as the casket is loaded into the hearse).

Members will not fold or present anything to the next of kin.

Members will not render a salute as the casket enters the hearse.'


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