Sept 4, 1947- Oct 12, 2018

33 B. Campbell 1997

Captain Barry Campbell began his career in the fire service with the Kitimat Fire Department in 1969. He then joined the West Vancouver Fire Department on May 19, 1970. He was promoted Lieutenant on September 15, 1981 and then to Captain on October 24, 1983. He was President of (IAAF) local 1525 for 27 years. He retired December 18, 1998. He died on October 12, 2018 of cancer.


Barry Campell, Eric Butler, Bill Weeks, Aime Lehouillier (IAFF) Local 1525


Barry Campbell, Dave Ruckle, Phil Durber


Jeff Oates, Paul Touhey, Barry Campbell with Fire Chief for a day

Barry, Butch, Harry

Barry Campbell, Butch Lima, Harry Taylor