2014  Promotions

Lieutenant Tony D'Angelo started his career with the West Vancouver Fire Dept in 1992.    He was promoted to Lieutenant on October 1, 2012. On February 1, 2014 was promoted to Assitant Chief. We wish him on his new role.

Firefighter  Chris Voelker joined the West Vancouver Fire Service Jan 7, 2002. He was promoted to Assistant Chief on Feb 1, 2014.We also wish him well in his new role.

Assistant Chief Randy Heath has newly been appointed as Deputy Chief March 1, 2014 replacing Deputy Chief Scott Jones who retired February 28, 2014. Randy started with the department July 24, 1989. Was promoted to Lieutenant Dec 1, 2006 and Assistant Chief on June 1, 2010. We would like to congratulate him on his recent promotion.

IMG2010 Chris Voelker 157 Tony D'angelo 133 Tony D'angelo 133